Taking the path less followed

Photo credit: Garth Lens A month ago, I had the honour of sitting down with the NDP cabinet and Premier John Horgan. I gave a detailed presentation why proceeding with Site C would be costly and risky. Curiously, after the cabinet meeting the only followup involved questions from specific MLAs — not inquiries from the cabinet or their staff. READ MORE

MEDIA ADVISORY - Site C Dam: NDP Makes Wrong Decision

MEDIA ADVISORY Site C Dam: NDP Makes Wrong Decision Flawed Process and Immediate Grave Consequences for the NDP What: The Peace Valley Solidarity Initiative (PVSI) organizers will hold a news conference Monday, December 11 to critique the flawed process and information on which Premier Horgan, Finance Minister Carole James, Energy Minister Michelle Mungall, and the NDP cabinet and caucus are expected to base their imminent decision to proceed with Site C. The news conference will provide media with information and facts to best help them prepare for the Premier’s news conference later that morning. Also, the Chair of the Peace Valley Solidarity Initiative, a long time NDP supporter, w

Site C: Fact vs. Fiction

SITE C DAM: FACT VS. FICTION Prepared for: NDP CAUCUS MEETING Sunday, December 10th, 2017 (See Premier John Horgan, far right. Photo taken Fall 2012.) FACT #1 Most, if not all of the senior officials – from BC Hydro, Ministry of Finance, and Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum – advising the NDP Cabinet and Caucus in secret over the last 10 days are the same officials who recommended proceeding with Site C to Premier Christy Clark. FICTION – The NDP Caucus and Cabinet have conducted an open, fair and transparent decision-making process providing outside experts an opportunity to know and

Letter to Premier Horgan and BC Cabinet: Cancelling Site C will save rate payers a minimum of $266 m

Dear Premier Horgan and Cabinet Members, I understand that rate impacts continue to be a big issue. I asked Robert McCullough to summarize the rate impact issue and his response to me is in the letter attached (below). Mr. McCullough concludes: The bottom line is that regardless of BC Hydro’s claims, the current estimate based on BCUC findings is that cancelling Site C will save rate payers a minimum of $266 million per year or $123 per household in 2024. There is nothing in the law or regulatory practice requiring that BC rate payers be penalized for a termination of a project that is: twice the cost of the wind backed by Mica Dam alternative, headed for further cost overruns that co

Site C Dam Impact Area

TRUE or FALSE Site C dam construction has damaged the Peace River Valley so badly that we have no choice now but to keep building it? FALSE A quick look at this map reveals how confined the damage is to one area. The real devastation starts when the reservoir begins to fill... While there will be some remediation costs, if we leave the land in nature's hands, life and beauty will return. Time will heal the land and the hearts of all who have watched their beautiful valley be desecrated by Site C dam construction. Click here to download a printable PDF version of the above map.

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