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Letter to Premier Horgan and BC Cabinet: Cancelling Site C will save rate payers a minimum of $266 m

Dear Premier Horgan and Cabinet Members, I understand that rate impacts continue to be a big issue. I asked Robert McCullough to summarize the rate impact issue and his response to me is in the letter attached (below). Mr. McCullough concludes: The bottom line is that regardless of BC Hydro’s claims, the current estimate based on BCUC findings is that cancelling Site C will save rate payers a minimum of $266 million per year or $123 per household in 2024.

There is nothing in the law or regulatory practice requiring that BC rate payers be penalized for a termination of a project that is:

  • twice the cost of the wind backed by Mica Dam alternative,

  • headed for further cost overruns that could take the total project cost to $12-$15 billion,

  • poorly managed,

  • environmentally costly, and

  • one which has adverse impacts on the ability of First Nations to exercise their treaty rights.

It is important to recognize that part of the money spent so far was used for building infrastructure and developing resources in the Peace valley region that have a value and will be utilized. And, this is without entering into a long term sales agreement of BC power under the Columbia River Treaty entitlement - an agreement which would generate billions of dollars to offset Site C cancellation costs and fund other BC government infrastructure projects. To continue with Site C is fraught with problems. In 2017, there is no need to destroy our river valley’s for power, and the BCUC Final Report has clearly shown we are not “past the point of no return.” I hope this helps towards your decision to terminate Site C which will allow us to take part in the exciting advances happening around the world.

Yours sincerely, Ken Boon President, Peace Valley Landowner Assoc. SS#2, Site 12, Comp 19 Fort St. John, BC V1J 4M7 (250)262-3205


Click the image below to download Robert McCullough's letter to Ken Boon: Repayment of $2.1 Billion Sunk Cost and $.5-$1.8 Billion Reclamation Cost of Site C

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