VIDEO: Would you still build Site C?

The Site C dam was approved by Christy Clark and the BC Liberal government in December of 2014 without a review by the BC Utilities Commission, whose job it is to evaluate if energy projects are in the best interest of British Columbians. In August 2017, the new BC NDP government referred Site C to the BCUC. We now have their final report, and soon the BC government will decide the fate of the Site C dam project. With all the conflicting views being presented in the media, it's no wonder that British Columbians may be confused about the basic facts surrounding the questions: do we need the energy and are we spending $10-12 billion of BC taxpayers' money on the right project? See the video be

Termination of Site C Still Best for BC: McCullough and Swain Respond to BC Government Deputy Minist

Date: November 16, 2017 To: Premier John Horgan, Province of British Columbia From: Robert McCullough and Harry Swain Subject: Deputy Ministers' Inquiries Respecting Site C We are writing you at the request of our clients, the Peace Valley Landowner Association and the Peace Valley Environment Association, regarding the questions raised in the attached letter dated November 15th, 2017. At the outset, it is important to note that the British Columbia Utilities Commission’s (BCUC) Site C Inquiry Report is detailed and well documented. The final report represents the careful consideration and weighing of 10,000 p

Site C - Frequently Asked Questions

MINISTER MUNGALL NEEDS TO HEED INDEPENDENT ADVICE Overview: Despite the just released final report of the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) following its 3 month independent inquiry—in which the BCUC made important adverse findings against the case for Site C advanced by the former Liberal government and BC Hydro—NDP Minister Mungall reverted to relying on pro-Site C advisors to answer questions on Site C during Budget Estimates. 1. Who provided advice to Energy Minister Mungall on answers to questions on Site C during Budget Estimates? Answer - Chris O’Riley and Les McLaren. 2. Who is Chris O’Riley? Answer – He is BC Hydro’s President and Chief Operating Officer who advised t

Open Letter to John Horgan and BC Cabinet: Site C job numbers lack public verification

From: Harold Steves, Bob Fedderly, Steve Gray, Mae Burrows, Ken and Arlene Boon and many other concerned citizens. Re: Site C job numbers lack public verification The BC Utilities Commission (BCUC) Inquiry into Site C was long overdue. Its final report is based on an independent review of contradictory evidence, expert testimony, public and First Nations’ input. The inquiry process was completed on time and provides compelling information in support of cancelling this project. We urge you to resist the temptation now to re-test the evidence in the court of public opinion, with lobbyists and with the project proponent. The latter groups already have provided their input to the Commissi

BCUC Final Report: Terminating Site C is best option for BC Ratepayers

The British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) issued its final report this morning, with findings that show terminating Site C is the best option for BC ratepayers. "Today has been a long time coming. The BCUC has confirmed what we have said for many years: Site C is a financially reckless project that is not in the best interests of BC ratepayers," says Ken Boon, PVLA President. “And that’s before we consider the many other significant adverse impacts of Site C on First Nations, agriculture, the environment and landowners. It’s time for the provincial government to terminate Site C.” The following is a summary of the BCUC final report by international energy expert Robert McCullough:

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