Breaking News: Meteorite Strikes Site C Dam Location; Still No Bedrock Found. Satire

BC Hydro is just now releasing details of a recent meteorite strike at the Site C Dam project in northern BC near the town of Fort St. John. No official photos have been released yet, but the accompanying photo was taken from Dam Protesters Point and shows the massive crater. “Scientist are telling us that thanks to the shale formations and lack of true bedrock at Site C, the impact of this fairly large meteorite was absorbed by the earth and surprisingly very little explosive blast was emitted as would normally be expected” a BCH spokesperson was quoted as stating. “Essentially, it behaved in the same manner as if a giant rock was thrown into thick mud.” In addition to the favourable loca

The Silence is Deafening.

For years, Arthur Hadland has been pushing for answers from BC Hydro and the BC Government in regards to the geotechnical concerns with the Site C dam in general, and the lack of bedrock specifically. He is not getting any response or even acknowledgement of his letters. Here is his latest letter which has not garnered a response to date: May 18, 2018 Honourable Mike Farnworth Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General Room 128, Parliament Buildings Victoria, BC V8V 1X4 RE: BEDROCK AT SITE C The extra billings for Site C on the backs of the ratepayers and taxpayers are mounting at an alarming rate. The amount of material being moved in the north-bank is in excess of any project estim

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