Site C ALR Land Exclusion Maps

Click on the links below for the temporary and permanent Site C ALR land exclusion maps. Temporary ALR Land Exclusion Permanent ARL Land Exclusion

Spring thoughts

I went for a walk on Easter Monday. Actually it started out with a paddle in a canoe, which landed me on one of the Peace River Islands. After seeing wolves on the shore line there this winter, I had been itching to get over for a look. It was a lovely spring day and the river was busy. Numerous pairs of Canada geese noisily took flight, while common mergansers and goldeneyes whistled their way over the water’s surface. The wind was in my face, and two elk searching for greens along the bank were shocked into flight when a red canoe slipped around the corner. Three fishermen were making their way down to the river on the north bank, and were soon busy getting their rusty casting techniqu

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