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Watson Slough, we are watching over you!

World Wetlands Day was February 2, 2018.


However, BC Hydro intends to clear the Watson Slough in the winter of 2021/2022 in preparation for the flooding Site C dam will cause. Site C is a social, economic and environmental disaster that is not needed. The recent BCUC review has revealed just how poor the economics of Site C are, and how it continues to spiral out of financial control. With ongoing cost overruns, the so called "point of no return" is not getting any closer than when Christy Clark coined that phrase. Unfortunately, Premier Horgan has decided to double down on that mindset. The recent Site C Summit has highlighted our social responsibility; to continue to advocate for a stop to this project in every peaceful way we can.

Watson Slough and Wetland stats:

  • In developed areas of the province, 85% of fresh water wetlands have been altered or DESTROYED.

  • The Watson slough is the only known location in the Site C study area of six rare plant species. 142 rare plants will be destroyed by the project

  • The Watson Slough is the only large wetland in the Peace River valley

  • Loss of the Marl Fen is not reversible

  • There will be permanent loss to habitat that can’t be mitigated

  • Red and Blue listed birds & plants were recorded at the Watson Slough.

  • 232 migratory bird species were recorded here.

  • 33-39 breeding pairs of water fowl were recorded annually between 2005-2008

  • The Watson Slough contains 39 Arch discovered sites.

We have all played a role in protecting the Peace Valley from Site C dam project, but it's the experts like Mr Robert McCullough and our communication team that we owe for the outstanding work during the BCUC process. Donations small or large are greatly appreciated. DONATE HERE.

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