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Problems with the Left Bank at Site C

The amazing thing about civil suits is that they tend to bring documents to the light of day that may otherwise never be exposed. Until a determination of their civil claim for Treaty infringement can be determined at trial, West Moberly First Nations have filed an application for an interim injunction to suspend construction on the Site C dam. In that application, we came across the following document:

Site C Clean Energy Project - Conditional Water Licences 132990 & 132991 Leave to Construct LTC #01G - Left Bank Excavation Phase 2 Recommendation for Amendment #6 - Redesign of Left Bank Excavation

(Affidavit #1 of Robert McCullough see pages 548 to 551)

This is a letter dated December 9, 2017 from an Independent Engineer on the Site C project about changes that are required to the left bank (north) excavation at the dam site. The tension cracks from spring 2017 and their resulting “stabilization measures and local revisions” are mentioned, and so is other multiple revisions to this slope. However, it is not revealed exactly why more work is needed, but it clearly states that “more extensive revisions are proposed to the design and construction approach for left bank works” What does that mean? Well, among other things, it means: “The revised design will increase the volume of Class 1 (overburden) excavation by about 2.35 M m3, resulting in an approximate total quantity of Class 1 excavation of about 11.1 M m3.”