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BC Hydro & Premier Horgan Roll the Dice again on Site C

Despite known foundation problems with unknown solutions or cost, and numerous calls to halt work while that is determined, work on the Site C Dam has carried on.

Now, BC Hydro has ignored its own Site C experts and is completing diversion of the Peace River after the latest possible deadline of September 30th, further increasing cost overrun and dam safety risks.

Since Site C was delayed one year in response to geotechnical problems, BC Hydro has consistently argued – before both courts and the BCUC – that missing the mid-September diversion date would delay the project for a year.

The river diversion was basically achieved on October 3rd and 4th - two weeks later than BC Hydro’s plans:

“River diversion can only take place after Labour Day holiday (first Monday in Sept) and must be completed by mid- Septemberi

Site C must meet several critical dates in order to stay on schedule. To complete the dam, the river must be diverted into tunnels in September, 2020. The diversion date is critical since the preliminary dam must be completed before the spring freshet:

The latest permitted start date for river closure is October 1st as a result of the follow