The Abandoned Gas Well “Discovered” at Site C

In February 1967, well #WA 02082 10-10-083-19-W6M was drilled to a depth of 6157 feet and then abandoned later that same year. No thought was likely given to the notion that BC Hydro would attempt to build a hydroelectric dam at that very spot some 40 years later. Figure 1 Photo taken February 17, 2018 |Arrow pointing to #WA02082 As is common in the oil and gas industry, ownership of the well changed hands many times since 1967. Currently, ownership rest with CQ Energy Canada Partnership who operates as a subsidiary of Canlin Energy Corporation. For the 2012 Site C Environmental Impact Statement, this well was identified as being within the proposed reservoir study area for BC Hydro. However

Watson Slough, we are watching over you!

World Wetlands Day was February 2, 2018. CONSERVING WETLANDS IS CRUCIAL TO MAINTAINING HEALTHY ECOSYSTEMS. However, BC Hydro intends to clear the Watson Slough in the winter of 2021/2022 in preparation for the flooding Site C dam will cause. Site C is a social, economic and environmental disaster that is not needed. The recent BCUC review has revealed just how poor the economics of Site C are, and how it continues to spiral out of financial control. With ongoing cost overruns, the so called "point of no return" is not getting any closer than when Christy Clark coined that phrase. Unfortunately, Premier Horgan has decided to double down on that mindset. The recent Site C Summit has high

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