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who we are

The PVLA consists of landowners who are impacted by the proposed Site C dam. Our 70+ members reflect a cross section of Peace River Country residents, from farmers and ranchers on the larger land holdings, to business people, oil field workers, teachers, retirees, and so on. Some of our members own lands that would be flooded by the Site C Dam, other members will have the use of their lands significantly restricted by Site C Dam statutory rights of way, and still other members would be indirectly affected by the transformation of the Peace Valley from a river valley to a dam reservoir. Some of our members are from families that were displaced by the WAC Bennett dam in the 1960’s, and some are multi-generation families that have been on the same land for many years. As an association, we have no political affiliation, and our individual members have their own diverse political beliefs.


The PVLA is not prepared to allow the remainder of the Peace River Valley to be destroyed on the basis of flawed environmental approvals. We are also BC ratepayers and taxpayers who are deeply concerned about the cost and impact of this project on BC Hydro rates and the provincial debt.




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