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Video: Protected Status - Threatened Habitat in the Peace Valley

Barn swallows are listed as threatened species under the Species at Risk Act in Canada. Loss of nesting habitat, including wetlands, have been identified as a cause for their threatened status.

“There’s a real concern over the decline in barn swallows [in British Columbia], but we’re not seeing that here. We just love having the barn swallows around. They’re a great part of the biodiversity here and they give protected status to our structures. Under the wildlife act, they have a 30 metre radius protected buffer when they’re nesting. Pretty much wherever you go in our yard you’re in 30-metre radius of nesting songbirds. So, in some ways the birds have more protected status then we do.” -Ken Boon

The fight to stop Site C isn’t over.

Stand with Ken and Arlene Boon, third generation Peace Valley farmers, and the rest of the landowners along the Peace River who are trying to save their homes from the Site C project.

Find out how you can help by visiting:


Director: Brandon Thompson Producer: Amanda Munro Cinematographer: Nolan McAllister Editors: Chris G. Miller & Andrew Park

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