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Site C Still Sucks

Quadra Island

Quadra Island

The December 11, 2017 decision by Premier John Horgan to proceed with the Site C dam was a shocking disappointment to many who helped the NDP and Greens form government last year. To those who were paying attention, and not benefiting from the gravy train, a decision to proceed was ludicrous in light of the findings from the recent BC Utilities Commission review of the project.

That decision was the incentive for the well-attended Site C Accountability and Action Summit held in Victoria in January 2018.

The two day event brought together energy experts and opponents of Site C from abroad.

That in turn sparked citizens in eight BC communities to organize a variety of Site C awareness events in conjunction with fundraising for the ongoing legal fight against the project. These events started in Nakusp on March 17, followed by Duncan, Sooke, Courtenay/Comox, Quadra Island, Nanaimo, Vancouver and ending on March 27 on Salt Spring Island. It is noteworthy that all but one of these communities are within NDP ridings'.

At around the same time there were a number of NDP announcements in regards to oil and gas issues that included: - The $6 billion LNG giveaway. - The electrification of remote upstream oil and gas facilities would continue. - A very limited review of fracking will take place that is unlikely to threaten that practice in BC. This all adds up to an incredible mix of subsidized electricity to the subsidized oil and gas industry in BC. It also shows more than ever just how connected the Site C dam is to the ongoing shale gas industry, and the desperate pursuit of a LNG industry. Of course when the sale of BC fracked gas to the Alberta tar sand industry is added to the mix, all of the above is also connected to the Kinder Morgan pipeline issue. In short, when it comes to the energy file in North East BC, Horgan is following and sometimes surpassing the Liberal direction. While it was understandable that Christy Clark would adopt