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Geothermal Energy’s Unparalleled Benefits

The Global GeothermalEnergy Industry Is Hot

  • $19 billion invested from 2010 to 2014

  • In the US, annual power sales ~$1 billion as of 2012

  • International production growing at >5% CAGR

  • 24 countries produce geopower including

This Is What Our Tailings Ponds Look Like – Tourist Attractions

B.C. Hydro’s Latest Numbers Place The Unit Energy Cost Of Site C At $58-61/MWh… But Can Their Creative Math Do What Geothermal Can?

  • Create 11 times more permanent jobs than Site C.

  • Avoid costly transmission upgrades through strategic deployment of geothermal power plants.

  • Strengthen the grid – as geothermal has a 95% load factor, it is dispatchable, and can load follow and provide necessary ancillary services.

  • Avoid unnecessary large capital project cost overruns, as geothermal power plants are small, and can be built to directly meet demand.

  • Reduce negative environmental impacts – geothermal power plants have the lowest physical and environmental footprint of all alternatives.

  • Produce highly valuable heat, as a byproduct or independently, which can be used for:

  • Fruit and vegetable cultivation

  • Tourism

  • Lumber Drying

  • Food availability and price security can be delivered for more remote communities through geothermal greenhouse operations.

  • Extraction of difficult to obtain minerals, rare earth and near earth elements from geothermal brines.

  • “Green” oil & gas operations by reducing the carbon footprint of their energy supply.

  • Offer a real renewable option – large-scale hydro is NOT considered (by the world community) to be renewable or green.

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